Jay Leno performs stand-up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Here’s something you haven’t seen in more than 22 years: Jay Leno performing his monologue in the middle of The Tonight Show instead of at the start of it. That’s because 1) Leno is no longer hosting The Tonight Show, and 2) it’s not his monologue, but rather, his stand-up set. Which you haven’t seen on TV in forever either, for that matter.

So here was Leno, visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and readjusting the audience back to the old Leno. Who is decidedly old-school. Yes, of course, he uses a flip phone. And he cannot handle the new America where competitive eating is considered more of a sport than soccer is.

Sign of respect from NBC: Leno gets more than five minutes onstage and all in one video.

Roll the clip!

And he gets the wave over to the panel!

Leno also did panel with Fallon and joked with him about the photo shoots the duo sat for to promote their NBC late-night shows and the transition of power.

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