As part of @midnight‘s weeklong sojourn to New York City, host Chris Hardwick has enlisted several local comedians and comedic actors to lend their Big Apple expertise to the game show.

Here’s Dave Hill sitting in as the show’s “food critic” with a review of Guy Fieri’s Times Square restaurant food. Take-out, naturally. Enjoyed in Central Park. Er, “enjoyed.” Hill says the Guy-Talian Nachos remind him of an old lover he picked up in Italy. “Also, she, too, gave me diarrhea.” See what else he had to say about Fieri’s Flavortown.

Roll the clip!

Comedy Central’s @midnight continues with NYC-based shows tonight and Thursday.

You also can check out Dave Hill’s new webseries, Metal Grasshoper, with Pantera singer Phil Anselmo teaching Hill how to shred with the best of ’em.