Get to know Freestyle Love Supreme before they premiere their new Pivot TV series

Freestyle Love Supreme has been racking up individual accolades over the past several years, from Tony and Grammy Awards (In The Heights) to reviving The Electric Company for PBS, to an Emmy (collaborating with Will.I.Am) and multiple other nominations for their stage and screen work.

But tonight, you’ll see them as they are most comfortable as a collective, improvising hip-hop rhymes, spitting beats and making you laugh all at the same time. Before you see Freestyle Love Supreme on Pivot TV, though, know that they’re also doing their part to fulfill Pivot’s TV mission, to encourage viewers — young viewers, especially — to “Take Part” in their communities. To take action.

So here the fellas — Lin-Manuel Miranda (Lin-Man), Anthony Veneziale (Two Touch), Utkarsh Ambudkar (UTK the INC), Chris Jackson (C-Jack), Christopher Sullivan (Shockwave), Bill Sherman (King Sherman), and Arthur Lewis (Arthur the Geniuses) — talk not only about how their group delivers a bit of Wu-Tung with their Whose Line sensibilities, but also encourages further arts education. Roll it!

But what about the group itself?

In this clip from one of their Pivot episodes, UTK dives deep with some improvised rhymes, hoping to explain the entire history of Freestyle Love Supreme in 60 seconds. Can he do it? Can you retain it?

Freestyle Love Supreme premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m. Eastern/Pacific on Pivot TV.

Roll the clip!

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