We all had the opportunity the past few years to see how well Nasim Pedrad could impersonate and mock Kim Kardashian on Saturday Night Live, but if you blinked, then you may have missed your chance to see Pedrad’s impersonation of comedian Aziz Ansari.

Never fear.

When Pedrad showed up Monday on Conan (she’s co-starring in John Mulaney’s new FOX sitcom, Mulaney), Conan O’Brien revealed a pre-taped SNL sketch with Pedrad as Ansari that had gotten cut from the program. Pedrad said she kept pushing the idea of her as Ansari, but understands why it never flew. “It’s kind of disturbing,” she said. “He’s like a very handsome guy. But me as Aziz is like a real boner-eraser.”

You can be the judge of that, and also hear what happened when Pedrad met Kardashian in real life.

Roll the clip!