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Sponsored Post: You can go to hundreds or even thousands of places to find a comedian with a Jack Nicholson impersonation.

But how many places can you go to find a comedian with a routine about actually crop-dusting Nicholson?


That’d be Hulu.com, and specifically the Comedy Dynamics page.

Comedy Dynamics exclusively uploaded 20 of the great stand-up comedy specials it has produced over the years for free for you to watch anytime you want on Hulu. That ranges from video of Bob Saget’s Grammy-nominated special from 2013, That’s What I’m Talking About, to new efforts from Nick Cannon, Whitney Cummings, Gary Gulman, Dave Foley, Todd Glass, Josh Blue, Tom Rhodes, Louie Anderson, Kyle Cease, Joe Piscopo and Greg Fitzsimmons.

Dana Gould’s new special, I Know It’s Wrong, just became available on the Comedy Dynamics Hulu channel at the top of the week.

My favorite thing about the site, though, is the fact that they’ve dug into the archives so new fans can enjoy classic stand-up specials such Richard Jeni’s Platypus Man from 1992. Then watch Andy Kindler’s I Wish I Was Bitter. It goes down bittersweet, I tells ya! And a third thing!

If you don’t have time to spare for a full hour special, the “Variety Pack” button will take you to dozens of bite-sized bits from the likes of Tom Papa, D.L. Hughley, Jim Norton, Jim Breuer, Harland Williams, Brian Posehn, Kathleen Madigan, Rob Schneider, plus morsels from Gulman, Fitzsimmons and Moshe Kasher.

What I’m trying to say is there is A LOT to choose from to give you a quick laugh or comfort you for hours at a time.

You can also find out more goodies about what Comedy Dynamics is up to by checking out its Facebook page.

Oh, and here’s Kevin Nealon with that story about what how he showed Jack who’s the real Joker.

Roll the clip!

This post is sponsored by Comedy Dynamics.

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