Dan Naturman’s Quarterfinals performance on America’s Got Talent 2014

Dan Naturman played it cool in his preview profile that set up his quarterfinals appearance live Tuesday night on America’s Got Talent.

This year’s AGT voting also includes a partnership with Google, so if you Googled Dan Naturman America’s Got Talent, you’d go right to a voting tab for him or the other 11 acts who competed last night — with voting open until noon today.

Naturman, 44, never been married, doesn’t keep up with the news in Canada and wonders about the ads for prescription drugs. How do you like him now, ladies?

Roll the clip!

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One thought on “Dan Naturman’s Quarterfinals performance on America’s Got Talent 2014

  1. Good to see Dan Naturman getting attention, was an avid listener of his Podcast back in the day. I encourage everyone to listen to the ep with Drew Carey. Hopefully this new wave of recognition will lead to more Podcast content.

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