Also during NBC’s day meeting the TV Critics this past weekend, programming executives revealed more details about their latest generation sitcom project with Bill Cosby, as well as the possibility of future installments of The Maya Rudolph Show┬ávariety hour.

Cosby, of course, famously lifted the Peacock Network out of its early 1980s doldrums with The Cosby Show and made Must-See TV Thursdays a thing NBC clung to for the next two decades.

Cosby, who turned 77 over the weekend, would again star as the patriarch of a family-friendly comedy, this time with three daughters and grandchildren, too. “It’s just a classic big extended family sitcom,” NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke said.

Mike O’Malley is writing and co-creating this latest Cosby show with Mike Sikowitz for Sony Pictures TV. Sikowitz already is on the hook with Sony as showrunner of new CBS family sitcom, The McCarthys.

O’Malley likely would play one of Cosby’s son-in-laws.

And NBC is looking to put this on air in summer or fall of 2015. So no hurry.

That seems to be the case, too, with Maya Rudolph’s potential variety series, which aired its backdoor pilot in May. NBC execs told the critics they liked the ratings but had questions about how and when they’d bring it back, whether as a stand-alone seasonal special or as a full series.