Happy Endings may never have received its titular happy ending, but another scorned ABC sitcom from 2013 will have a last laugh on cable TV.

Logo TV announced Monday it had acquired the rights to Don’t Trust The B in Apt 23 and will air the final eight episodes from the series, cancelled in the middle of its second season.

Logo TV will air an eight-hour marathon of Don’t Trust The B on Saturday, July 19, followed by the unaired episodes at 10 p.m. Saturdays through the end of summer.

The series starred Dreama Walker as a small-town girl who moves to New York City only find her roommate (the “B” played by Krysta Walker) is her polar opposite. Hijinx and unlikely friendships ensue. James Van Der Beek co-starred as a semi-autobiographical version of himself, with Eric Andre, Liza Lapira, Michael Blaiklock and Ray Ford co-starring.

ABC aired the second season out of order, mixing in first-season episodes, during the fall of 2012, then changed the sitcom’s time slot before removing it from the schedule in January 2013. ABC’s original solution was to air the remaining eight half-hours online for two weeks in May 2013. Don’t Trust The B produced 26 episodes in all, created by Nahntchka Khan.