Gabriel Iglesias on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Gabriel Iglesias knew to be gracious toward his new host of The Tonight Show, as he opened his stand-up set Friday night with more than a few minutes about how funny and sexy Jimmy Fallon is. I don’t think that’s why the show gave him not one but two videos. Nor do I think splitting up the videos is a function of how “Fluffy” Iglesias is. Rather, it’s most likely an old online policy from NBC that you cannot have a video longer than five minutes. Which doesn’t make sense. Other networks do this, too, with their talk-show interview clips, breaking them up into multiple video bits, whether or not they cut off a conversation mid-topic. But if earns you more clicks and sells more ads, the cynical suits win again.

Enough about the suits. Let’s get back to Fluffy! His first stand-up concert movie comes out later this month. Here he also jokes about how we used to use pay phones, and making collect calls without actually having to pay for them.

Roll the clips!

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