Before you even try to answer that question, consider this: Should you even be a comedian? I mean, as a profession. As in, dive into a career as a professional comedian.

If that’s your goal, then let me steer you toward professional stand-up comedian Paul Ogata (past winner of the San Francisco Comedy Competition and teller of jokes on Live at Gotham and The Late Late Show, among other credits), who drew up this flowchart to help guide you to your appropriate destiny.

As Ogata wrote, introducing his handiwork last week:

“This week I’ve met at least half a dozen people who came up to me after the shows and asked about advice for getting into comedy. Well, if you’re sure you want to get into the game, but don’t know what kind of comedy to focus on, let me help you!

Click on the handy flowchart above to see just what kind of comedian you should be.

You’re welcome.”

When in doubt, though: Just say no.

The answer is probably no. You don’t need to be a comedian. Or do you?