Day: July 6, 2014

Tenacious Dean: The long and winding road of Dean Delray from rock ‘n’ roll to movies to stand-up comedy

Inside San Francisco’s Cobb’s Comedy Club, Dean Delray is preparing for a sold-out Friday night show.  I am led to his dressing room, where he anxiously greets me at the door.  He stands about 5’ 6” with slicked hair and a thick handlebar mustache.  A former rocker, he’s known to wear classic rock T-shirts, snug jeans, and a leather jacket.  Tonight he’s in uniform, though his jacket is zipped so the band is a mystery. Dubbed the “Forrest Gump of Comedy” for his colorful history and serendipitous tendencies, Delray has spent the past four-and-a-half years working his way from...

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Ardie Fuqua out of intensive care, in a rehab facility, recovering from tragic Turnpike crash

Finally! Some great, encouraging news to share regarding comedian Ardie Fuqua, courtesy of our mutual friend and comedian, Wil Sylvince. I’ll let Wil tell it to you straight: “To all who’s concerned about Ardie Fuqua, he’s doing a lot better but still has a long way to fully recover. He’s finally in a rehabilitation hospital and out of intensive care. He’s breathing on his own, talking, joking, and smiling. Thank you so far for all your prayers, thoughts and everything else. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.” Fuqua, 43, was in a limo van with Tracy...

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