Judd Apatow has organized several fund-raisers for 826LA over the years.

Apatow’s latest charitable contribution may also prove to be its longest-lasting and widest-reaching: His life’s compilation of one-on-one interviews with comedy legends will become a book, “Sick in the Head,” for Random House.

Apatow told The Comic’s Comic that all of the proceeds for the book will go to 826LA, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center designed to inspire creative writing in kids aged 6-18.

Reading about the creative risks and rewards from Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Mel Brooks, Lena Dunham, Louis C.K., Amy Schumer, Roseanne Barr, Steve Allen and others certainly will help.

The book will contain transcripts of lengthy interviews Apatow has conducted with comedians over the past 30 years — dating as far back as his high-school radio chats with Seinfeld and Jay Leno, and as recently as this month, when he said he sat down with both CK and Spike Jonze. He also said he has a few more people he’d like to reach.

“Sick in the Head” is due out in 2015.

That title also belonged to a 1999 sitcom pilot Apatow created and produced for FOX that starred David Krumoholtz, Amy Poehler, Kevin Corrigan, Kevin McDonald, Austin Pendleton and Andrea Martin. After FOX passed on it, Apatow became executive producer on his next project with Paul Feig, Freaks and Geeks.