12-year-old Josh Orlian’s audition for America’s Got Talent

Sometimes you think you know what you’re doing with your career, when all you really needed to do was stick with the dick jokes you first learned when you were 12.

This is Josh Orlian, a nice 12-year-old Jewish boy from White Plains, N.Y., who said his all-time favorite TV show is America’s Got Talent. And now judge Howie Mandel knows how great Orlian’s bar mitvah will be this September.

Roll the clip.

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9 thoughts on “12-year-old Josh Orlian’s audition for America’s Got Talent

  1. does anybody else notice that he’s wearing his number on his arm? everybody else wears theirs on their shirt…

  2. I’m sorry but I found this completely disgusting. This is a “family” show, and someone at such a found age should not be proud of saying these jokes. And the fact that his father is proud of this is even more repulsive.

    1. Absolutely agree. If they are willing to put this out to a national audience, what goes on around the dinner table? Saw this with my husband, 13 and 14 year old children, and had a good discussion on how inappropriate it was, poor parenting, borderline sick and psychotic that his mom and dad accompanied and encouraged this, sad this network choice to air it. Normal behavior for 12 year old boys amongst themselves but not to entertain adults and families.

  3. I watch this on dvr and would never expect anything like this to be on the show. I am glad I did not watch this with my 6 and 11 year grandchildren. In fact i wouldn’t want to watch it with anyone. Very poor choice to allow this boy on your show with thise jokes. The faces on the people in the audience showed the look of shock. My gookdness what is he going to say next. It is such an insult to the other contestants and us. My husband said it is like being slapped in tbe face.

    1. I also downloaded 15 pages of clean jokes and we read them at a Red Hat Luncheon and we couldn’t stop laughing. It does not have to be dirty.

  4. Can you imagine what else this 12 year old boy is being taught in that sleazy home. ( I am sure that it isn’t being taught at the synagogue). I always thought that Jewish people wanted the best for their kids, but these two are probably the exception to the rule. I feel sorry that he had to represent the Orthodox Jews. They must be embarrassed. I hope that he can be given some counsel before he gets much worse. I know that the Orthodox Jews get the reputation of being conservative and boring, but I always thought that they had scruples and class. He traded in his reputation for a few laughs. I feel sorry for him, having two sleazes for parents. I won’t be watching for the rest of the season.

  5. Disgusting, ten commandment to begin with. #5 honor your mother and your father and if you do you will live a ling life in the land God gives you. What the heck total disrespect for the sanctity of marriage. Dad you taught your son this well don’t be surprised when he goes down the wrong path. Mom you laugh at this. Disgusting. This is the man you raise your son to be. The judges tried yo make this ok but total shock was on their faces as with the rest of America. You make a laughing stock of the. jewish people as if they don’t have enough problems without their own making them a laughing stock. You should be ashamed of yourself. You wonder why the young people act the way they do. Your son making you his mother like a slut. Oh my wake up America total discusting. Kids have enough problems without stuff like this. The rest of the show was very good. Excellent very impressive talents. This is just like Kmart the store I work for and have fought for and they put up total disgusting inappropriate ads that make people laugh. Funny. Sleaze. I should have quit at the first stupid ad. This is how they want to make their money? Put God first in your life see where that gets you not sleaze not disrespect, just for a laugh. Hold your head up be intelligent with your craft show people how to lift themselves up. How to stand for what is right not fall for dirt, slime,
    Just for a laugh. Do you not think the world is laughing at us. WAKE UP

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