Eddie Izzard’s “Force Majeure” in German, English and French on Normandy this D-Day in 2014

Eddie Izzard has run a marathon of marathons. He has toured the world as a stand-up comedian.

But are you ready for Izzard to storm the beaches of Normandy on the 70th anniversary of D-Day by performing his current show three times in a row, once in German, once in English and once more in French? Perhaps he is embodying “Force Majeure,” or perhaps he is merely doing what he says in the posters — paying tribute “to those who fought for democracy and freedom in World War II and since World War II.”

One thing’s for certain. The crowds in Caen will likely experience the best of what Izzard has to offer in an hour. That’s because his “Force Majeure” tour — which blazed through several nights last week in New York City at the Beacon Theatre — started with a one-hour first act, continued after intermission with another 45-minute set and also included an encore (at the show I attended, he retold The Lord of The Rings as only Izzard could).

Here are the posters for his June 6, 2014, show in three languages, one for each of his audiences that night.

eddieizzard-dday-2014-german eddieizzard-dday-2014-english eddieizzard-dday-2014-french


Previously: Eddie Izzard’s Force Majeure global tour has dates with North America.

The U.S. Army’s D-Day site online.

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