Famed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns made a mini-movie about comedian Eugene Mirman, and what happened next will inspire you. No, wait. I’ve read so many of those danged UpworthyViralNovaBuzzFeedy clickbait-and-switch headlines that it’s seeping into my writing. No, wait. You should be inspired. That’s the whole point of those lovely short film, as both Burns and Mirman are alums of Hampshire College, and if you apply to the college’s new summer program, the Creative Media Institute, you could learn a little bit about nonfiction photography, filmmaking and recording from the likes of Burns himself.

And that’s comedian LarryMurphy providing the voiceover narration in this video. You may recognize his voice and Mirman’s from Bob’s Burgers, because you should. As the video notes, Murphy “did not attend Hampshire College and that’s ok.”


Where can we sign up to have Ken Burns film our own mini-documentaries? Please?

Roll the clip!