Everything you loved about MST3K is coming back in 2K14, but for three hours only. And only on National Geographic Channel?!

Wait. Is this some sort of April Fool’s Day joke? Yes and no.

The “Total Riff Off” by RiffTrax is happening from 8 to 11 p.m. April 1, 2014, on the National Geographic Channel. Here. I’ll let the RiffTrax fellas take it from here.

“The good folks at National Geographic have taught the world about animals, science, and fascinating cultures for years. Now, in their infinite wisdom, they’ve seen fit to have RiffTrax riffmasters Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy take on some of their wildest, strangest discoveries. This will be the guys’ first time riffing on television since Mystery Science Theater 3000, and trust us, you do NOT want to miss it. Think of them as the kids in the back of high school science class cracking wise, except funnier, and with better skin.”

So instead of the usual run-of-the-mill mediocre movies of the macabre and other surreally bad films, the RiffTrax gang will take on the honey badger, mantis shrimp and geographer’s cone snail of Bad@$$ Animals, the relationships between people and their pets in Unlikely Animal Friends, the self-explanatory My Dog Ate What?. and finally, Man v. Monster.


If you want to see RiffTrax live, then it looks like you’ll have to wait until July 10, 2014, for your next chance at that. That’ll be done via a secret location and beamed into more than 600 cinemas.