International Academy of Web Television’s 2014 Awards

The International Academy of Web Television held its annual awards ceremony in Las Vegas on Tuesday night as part of CES, with Carrie Preston — as seen on HBO’s True Blood, but also director of the webseries Darwin — presiding over the awards as host.

In case you missed it, you can watch the ceremonies, which naturally were streamed online:


Founded in 2009, The IAWTV is a nonprofit focused on improving web-based TV. Its members include actors, agents, composers, distributors, directors, editors, producers, technology innovators, writers and other industry professionals from digital entertainment companies, studios and industry organizations — who then vote on the nominees and winners.

Here were the 2014 nominees, with winners in BOLD.

Best Dramatic Series
•    Blue
•    Thurston
•    Susanna
•    The Hinterlands
•    Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

Best Directing (Drama)
•    Blue – Rodrgio Garcia
•    Thurston – Paul Awad
•    Lauren – John Avnet
•    Chosen – Ben Ketai
•    CUCKOO – Danann Breathnach

Best Female Performance in a Drama
•    Anna Paquin in Susanna
•    Julia Stiles in Blue
•    Pagan Mc Grath in CUCKOO
•    Troian Bellisario in Lauren
•    Maggie Grace in Susanna

Best Male Performance in a Drama
•    Connor Russell in The Hinterlands
•    Milo Ventimiglia in Chosen
•    Walt Willey in Thurston
•    Richard Cutting in Milgram And The Faswalkers
•    David Arquette in Cleaners    

Best Writing (Drama)
•    CUCKOO – Nikki Racklin
•    Squaresville – Matt Enlow
•    Blue – Rodrigo Garcia and Karen Graci
•    The Hinterlands – Michelle Elliott and Danny Larsen
•    Lauren – Jay Rodan & Jon Avnet

Best Cinematography
•    Destroy the Alpha Gammas – Boa Simon
•    10,000 Days – Marco Mazzei
•    Thurston – Paul Awad
•    The Hinterlands – Danny Larsen
•    Shadow Bound – Dan Smiley

Best Editing
•    Destroy the Alpha Gammas – Phil Bucci
•    Versus Valerie – Mike Fly, Simon Fraser
•    HUSBANDS – Nathaniel Atcheson
•    The Four Players – James Darling Evan
•    10,000 Days – Eric Strand and Gian Ganziano

Best Comedy Series
•    Epic Rap Battles of History
•    Pretty Darn Funny: Season 2
•    Sugarboy
•    Emma Approved

Best Directing (Comedy)
•    Sugarboy – Dan Opsal
•    Destroy the Alpha Gammas – Scott Brown
•    HUSBANDS – Jeff Greenstein, Eli Gonda
•    Suit Up: One and Done? – Christopher Leone
•    Pairings – Rick Robinson

Best Female Performance in a Comedy
•    Hannah Spear in Versus Valerie
•    Amy Acker in HUSBANDS
•    Joanna Sotomura in Emma Approved
•    Lisa Valentine Clark in Pretty Darn Funny: Season 2
•    Catori Crawford in The Invaders web series: Angie’s Logs

Best Male Performance in a Comedy
•    Brad Bell in HUSBANDS
•    Sean Hemeon in HUSBANDS
•    Ed Robinson in Pairings
•    Jeff Lewis in The Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour
•    Ron Hanks in Golden California

Best Writing (Comedy)
•    Husbands – Bradley C. Bell & Jane Espenson
•    The Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour – Jeff Lewis
•    Epic Rap Battles of History – Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Dante Cimadamore, Mike Betette, and Zach Sherwin
•    Versus Valerie – Stephanie Kaliner, Simon Fraser, Galen Drinnan, Kyah Green, Deborah Etta Robinson, Rob Norman, Alice Moran, Chris Craddock
•    Pretty Darn Funny: Season 2 – Jeff Parkin, Jared Cardon, Lisa Valentine Clark, Adrienne Cardon, Kacy Faulconer, Tom Quinn

Best Ensemble Performance
•    HUSBANDS –  Brad Bell, Sean Hemeon
•    3some – Euan King, Lisa Gifford, Peter Halpin
•    Emma Approved – Joanna Sotomura, Brent Bailey, Dayeanne Hutton, James Brent Isaacs, Alexis Boozer, Paul Stuart, Gabriel Voss
•    Pairings – Ed Robinson, Nathan Mobley, Nebula Gu, Shannon Nelson, Rick Robinson, David Nett, Jessica Mills, Paul Nguyen, Stephanie Thorpe, Keaton Talmadge, Nathasha Harris, Michelle Haack
•    Clutch: Season 2 – Matthew Carvery, Jillian Clare, Alexandra Elle, Katherine Fogler, Katya Gardner, Peter Hodgins, Tom Konkle, Jeff Sinasac

Best Hosted Series (Pre-Recorded)
•    TableTop
•    The Gauntlet
•    The Curious Cook
•    VHVtv Interview with Jovane Henry
•    The Yafa Show

Best Hosted Series (Live)
•    What’s Trending
•    MyDamnChannelLive
•    Indie Intertube
•    AfterBuzz TV’s So You Think You Can Dance After Show
•    Super Geeked Up

Best Live Event
•    Comedy Gives Back 2013 – 24 hour global live streamed comedy event benefiting Malaria No More
•    Unexpected Covers (VEVO)
•    Go Shows (VEVO)
•    VEVO Presents 30 Seconds to Mars
•    VEVO Presents LIFT Live

Best Host (Live)
•    John Campea – AMC Movie Talk
•    Beth Hoyt – My Damn Channel Live
•    Jeff Burns – Super Geeked Up
•    Kristyn Burtt – AfterBuzz TV’s So You Think You Can Dance After Show
•    AJ Gibson – AfterBuzz TV’s So You Think You Can Dance After Show

Best Host (Pre-Recorded)
•    Wil Wheaton – TableTop
•    “Indie Across America” – Dave Holmes
•    The Gauntlet – Burnie Burns
•    MomIQ – Maggie Rulli
•    The Mythical Show with Rhett & Link

Best Directing (Non-Fiction)
•    Cosplay Piano – Tom Grey
•    Kids React – Benny Fine, Rafi Fine
•    My Damn Channel Live – Jack Ferry
•    Dailymotion D-Tour – Tony Wise
•    BLITZED – Aaron McLane

Best Writing (Non-Fiction)
•    Tailgate 32 – Aidan Brezonick, Mike Trupiano, John Trupiano
•    What’s Trending – Lon Harris
•    The Moment of Clarity Show – Lee Camp, Aaron Burdette
•    Fit Now with Basedow – John Basedow, Erica Laxson
•    Away From Keyboard (AFK) – Sam Kellett, Jeff Bower, Brandy Finmark, Whitney Merritt, Jeremiah Watkins, Justin Alexio, Phillip Binder

Best Animated Series
•    RWBY
•    Stan Lee’s Bad Days
•    Broken Quest
•    New Eden
•    Brooklynians

Best Documentary Series
•    Indie Across America
•    Soccer Academy
•    Tailgate32
•    Revved Up
•    A Simple Walk Into Mordor

Best Educational Series
•    AWEME/Man At Arms
•    The Digits
•    Spellslingers
•    What You Can Do
•    Vintage Colorado

Best News Series
•    Buzz60 Entertainment News
•    Buzz60 Weird & Viral News
•    AMC Movie Talk
•    VEVO News – Live From H97 SJXX
•    Buzz60 News

Best Variety Series
•    Cosplay Piano
•    The Mythical Show with Rhett & Link
•    Kids React
•    Dailymotion D-Tour

Best Costume Design
•    Justice Woman – Jennifer Hebner, Mary S. Porter
•    Fallout: Nuka Break: Season 2
•    Shelf Life – Holly Conrad, Jennifer Smith
•    Standard Action: Season 2 – Vanessa Driveness
•    Dirigible Days – James Bragado, Adam Goforth, Jeff Gruhala, Gary Lobstein, Jason Orsega, Julie Wilhelm, Joe Zoellner

Best Design (Art Direction/Production)
•    Progress the Series – David King
•    Continuum – Eric Whitney
•    Red Scare – Rachel Gold & Rachel Robb Kondrath
•    Destroy the Alpha Gammas – Nicole Vardi
•    Inferno – Sarah Cogan

Best Makeup/Special Effects
•    Fallot: Nuka Break: Season 2 – Bianco Appice
•    The Gamers: Hands of Fate – Shawn Shelton, Damon Vanhee, Jaimie Cordero
•    Voyage Trekkers – Nathan Stipes, Mark Greenawalt
•    One Hit Die – Bleeding Arts
•    Standard Action: Season 2 – Ashley Young

Best Interactive/Social Media Experience
•    Mr. Right/Ms. Right – Frank Chindamo
•    Super Geeked up
•    State of Syn – Carrie Hayden
•    Spellslingers – Catrina Dennis
•    Wecome to Sanditon

Best Online Channel
•    What’s Trending
•    Epic Rap Battles of History
•    SMOSH
•    WIGS

Best Supplemental Content
•    Pretty Darn Funny: Season 2
•    MyMusic
•    Super Geeked Up
•    The Digits

Best Original Music
•    Clutch: Season 2 – Original Score, Adrian Ellis
•    Destroy the Alpha Gammas – Giona Ostinelli, Original Score
•    Continuum – Damon Criswell
•    Research. – “Research. Opening Them” by Kenny Wood
•    Abigail – Original Soundtrack, Brian “Tweex” Arnold

Best Visual Effects (Digital)
•    Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome – Gary Hutzel Michael Gibson Doug Drexler David Takemura Kyle Toucher Jesse Mesa Toves David Morton Neal Sopata Douglas E. Graves Kevin Quattro Niall Booker James Hibbert Daksh Pandhi Alice Ries Richard Livingston Jeremy Lang Manuel Choi Matt Boardman Aine’ Graham Shane Hoffman Heather McAuliff Derek Ledbetter August Coleman Jesse Siglow Sarah Grieshammer Ryan C. Schroer Arthur Vail III Patrick Murphy Alberto Ludena John Cornejo Anthony D’Agostino Eric McAvoy Philip A. Sisk
•    State of Syn – Smokebomb Entertainment
•    Continuum – Element X Creative (Chad Briggs VFX Supervisor)
•    Progress the Series – Paul Lada of Coco Visual
•    Super Knocked Up – Daniel DeFabio, Christopher Vincelette

Best New Series
•    The Fuzz
•    Darwin
•    Thingstarter
•    Cosplay Piano
•    Brooklynians

Best Returning Series
•    Squaresville
•    Hipsterhood
•    Lauren
•    Fallout: Nuka Break: Season 2

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