Scott Bateman knows what it’s like to have multiple identities and realities. Sure, he has a couple thousand followers of his personal Twitter feed @Disalmanacarian, but that’s nothing compared to the almost 70,000 following him @Disalmanac, the feed that has birthed fun facts and witty charts and graphs — which has spawned a website, a book, a new gig at Medium, and a map this past week of our frozen “polar vortex” nation that got lifted by national newspaper¬†USA Today (see above).

Bateman let his friends and followers know about the graphics heist yesterday, and updated us all this morning: “I just spoke with USA Today: They apologized profusely, will add a link to credit me, and will have a talk with their graphics people. So: A) Thank you to everybody who re-blogged the graphic, because it worked, and B) You can stop re-blogging it now!”

He’ll likely be laughing all the way to the bank this week, anyhow.


That’s because Bateman appears today on the syndicated TV game show,¬†Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.¬†He’s not allowed to say how he fared before the episode airs, but he’ll likely appear with host Cedric the Entertainer on Thursday’s episode, too. It airs at 12:30 p.m. Eastern on NYC’s ABC Channel 7. Check your local listings.

If you’re in NYC, then you also can see Bateman present a live Disalmanac showcase on Jan. 15 at The PIT.

He told The Comic’s Comic that he also has a new gig making “chart-like charts” for that starts on Thursday. “It’s a crazy time!”

You can buy Scott Bateman’s “Disalmanac” here, via Amazon: