Your How To Infographic for Conan O’Brien’s String Dance

Team Coco has a new installment in its fan art gallery, Coco MoCa: An infographic illustrating how to duplicate Conan O’Brien’s classic “string dance” in seven steps.

You see it above.

You try it out.

You need help, you consult the video archives to watch Conan in action from the old “Late Night” stage.

Here’s the full Conan O’Brien biography infographic from Matt Seiders.

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2 thoughts on “Your How To Infographic for Conan O’Brien’s String Dance

  1. With the Sting Dance now in Fortnite I have bet to settle with a friend. I swear Conan invented the String Dance back in the 90s but the earliest known account is 2002. Does anyone have the answer? My friend states the dance had to be invented by a female but I swear to him that Conan invented it and have to have the correct year and episode to prove it.

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