Here’s a sketch that didn’t make the cut after dress rehearsal to air live on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Lady Gaga takes the helm quite literally in “Female Sea Captains,” a sketch set “centuries ago” in Portsbridge, Conn., in a little-known era when all the male sailors fell ill to scurvy. “Or herpes.” And all the ladies replaced them as sailors. So there’s SNL host Gaga with all of the female cast members — Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, Nasim Pedrad, Noël Wells, Vanessa Bayer bringing John Milhiser out as a stowaway who must catwalk the plank. Three of the men play mermen. Old-timey pirate sailor accents abound.

“Oh, shiver me tampons.”

Seriously? Seriously. That’s a line uttered in this sketch.

Roll it. Roll it to the very end, I tells ya. Thar ye shall find a special treat.