Fans of Breaking Bad loved to share a joke theory that the acclaimed AMC series would end with Walter White (Bryan Cranston) going into witness protection and/or waking up in a new world where he’s now Hal Wilkerson and leading into the storyline of FOX’s Malcolm in the Middle.

Turns out the producers and Cranston enjoyed that theory, too. Enough to film it with Jane Kaczmarek, who played Cranston’s TV wife Lois for 151 episodes from 2000-2006.

From the YouTube channel of Michael Davies, executive producer of Talking Bad.

Roll the clip!

And as long as you’re having fun with Breaking Bad, here’s the gag reel from the final season, also uploaded over the weekend.

Flynn, can you pass me the LOLs, please?!

Note: Watch the bloopers through to the end for “the final shots of Breaking Bad.” No spoilers!