Team Coco celebrates 20 Years of Conan #Conan20

We first saw Conan O’Brien as a bona fide late-night TV talk-show host on NBC in September 1993.

It’s never too late to celebrate a 20th anniversary, though, is it? That’s what Team Coco has decided, kicking off a weeklong celebration Monday night on TBS with plenty of clip packages from the NBC years and more to come tonight. Of course, there’s even more to look back upon wistfully and enjoy — for a limited time (these clips will disappear back into the vaults, as the Disney people liked to say in their ads, after Nov. 15, 2013) — at

Such as:

  1. Conan Visits Sun Studio In Memphis (10/17/1994)
  2. Conan’s Star-Studded Charity Song, “Famous Helping People” (11/30/1994)
  3. Hunter S. Thompson Takes Conan Gun Shooting  (10/17/1994)
  4. Conan Enrolls In Truck Driving School (6/11/1997)
  5. Conan Visits Ireland (7/18/1997)
  6. Conan & Andy Pitch A New TV Show To Aaron Spelling (3/17/1999)
  7. Conan Hits On Jeri Ryan, Famke Janssen, Julianna Margulies, & Gina Gershon (11/9/1999)
  8. Conan Attends Bartending School (11/11/1999)
  9. Conan Trains As An Olympic Speedskater (9/28/2001)
  10. Conan Visits Martha Stewart (2/26/2002)
  11. Conan Preps To Become Santa Claus (4/25/2002)
  12. Conan Joins The Birders Of Central Park (12/11/2002)
  13. Conan Drives Commuters During The NYC Transit Strike (5/12/2005)
  14. Conan Learns To Play The Chicago Blues At B.L.U.E.S. On Halsted (12/20/2005)
  15. Conan Visits Lucasfilm With Jordan Schlansky (5/10/2006)
  16. Conan & Jordan Schlansky Share A Fine Italian Dinner (5/1/2007)
  17. Conan Goes On A Wine Tour In Napa Valley  (2/9/2009)
  18. Conan Starts His Own Boy Band, “Dudez Aplenti” (5/20/2000)
  19. Conan Joins An Old-Timey Baseball League (6/25/2004)
  20. Conan Visits The World’s Worst Wax Museum (6/15/2009)
  21. Conan & Slash Buy A Guitar On Craigslist (6/11/2009)
  22. Conan Goes On A Shopping Spree On Rodeo Road (6/2/2009)
  23. Conan & Andy Dub A Japanese Anime (7/24/2009)

You’ll notice the clips above span both the Late Night and Tonight Show tenures for O’Brien and his writing/performing staff. Though many of these clips are field pieces that sent O’Brien outside of the studio, plenty of the highlights you’re seeing on TV also show the funny moments and characters who interacted with Conan on the set — including past writers Andy Blitz, Jon Glaser and Brian McCann (here’s a separate link to plenty of McCann’s memorable moments with Conan!), still-current-writer Brian Stack, and Upright Citizens Brigade members Amy Poehler and Ian Roberts.

Here are seven more to make for 30 clips!

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