NBC to revive American Comedy Awards for 2014

The Comedy Awards may have left us, but the American Comedy Awards have returned. Hooray, America!?

NBC announced on Wednesday that it had acquired the rights to the American Comedy Awards — which had aired from the 1980s through 2001, and created by George Schlatter — with a new revived version to be telecast in May 2014. Comedy Central had stepped into the comedy awards void with The Comedy Awards in 2010 and and 2011, only to disappear back into said void.

Don Mischer Productions once again will handle production of the awards.

At least these ACAs will take effect in 2014, something something Obamacare something something Affordable Care Act is the other ACA nobody talks about hashtag joke.

The American Comedy Awards will hand out trophies and showcase the work of comedians in TV, movies and stand-up, as well as tributes. So just like before, only this time maybe different. Who knows. We don’t know yet. What do we know and when will we know it. We have an alibi.

Alrighty then. Quotes from the press release:

“For all of the award shows on television not one is devoted to comedy, and that’s not so funny. So we’re thrilled to be part of a show that will celebrate the community of talented, innovative people who make us laugh each and every day,” said Mischer.

Mischer, remember was involved in producing The Comedy Awards, by the way. Not that you saw that other awards show anywhere in the press release. This, then, from NBC:

“We all love a good laugh and the ‘American Comedy Awards’ will be full of gut-busting material from the best comedians in our business,” said Paul Telegdy, President Alternative and Late Night Programming, NBC Entertainment. “With creative genius Don Mischer at the helm, get ready for a night of great hilarity. No joke.”

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  1. The American Comedy Awards show was the most boring I have ever endured. You may choose to rethink your position for ever viewing it again. I turned the channel and will never watch this program again. How in the world does a network decide to show anything so boring????????

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