Trick or treat!

It’s not a trick, but mostly treats this week as Pee-wee Herman visits IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! on Friday night for its Halloween episode. If Pee-wee is dressed up as a cowboy, then what is Paul Reubens dressed up as, exactly? Now that’s a trick question.

Here’s a preview of Pee-wee’s visit with host Scott Aukerman, treating him to some trail mix and other snacks he has cooked up this fall.

In this second clip, Pee-wee explains he went to witch school. Which school? You get it.

Having established all that and then some, Pee-wee conjures up a wicked magic spell on our pal Aukerman, allowing him to embrace his feminine side — even while all dolled up in a Dracula costume.

Roll the clip! Roll all of the clips, I tell you!

This full episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT Friday, Oct. 25, on IFC.

IFC announced earlier this month that it had renewed Comedy Bang! Bang! for a third season, with 20 additional episodes coming our way in 2014.