Nyima Funk is not ready to be on SNL

Talk about your NOT ready for primetime players…

Nyima Funk, a Second City alum who has appeared on TV in Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Key & Peele, and Wild ‘N Out, but her improv and sketch comedy skills obviously aren’t ready for Saturday Night Live. Am I right, Kenan Thompson?

Bringin’ the funk with a short-and-sweet response to the latest debate over SNL’s lack of diversity…

Roll the clip!

Related: Thompson told TV Guide this week that SNL has no black women in the cast because, “like in auditions, they just never find ones that are ready.”

Funk now is based in Los Angeles, where she performs with various groups at Second City Hollywood, The Groundlings and elsewhere in Hollywood. Here is a sample acting reel from Funk:

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One thought on “Nyima Funk is not ready to be on SNL

  1. I feel like Kenan Thompson forgot that Maya Rudolph is black. She is an SNL veteran and was there long before Kenan knew if he could salvage his career past “Kenan and Kel”. “Is it true?!” Yeah it is true. He almost sank like Kel did but some how ended up on SNL. Some people need to be thankful for their blessings, realize they aren’t educated enough to speak and be seen and not heard.

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