In case you missed it, Will Ferrell showed up during one of Saturday Night Live‘s commercial breaks over the weekend — as Ron Burgundy — shilling for a Dodge Durango.

And before you can wonder how Burgundy time-traveled from the late 1970s to today to know about SUVs or even know what that acronym stands for, just sit back and behold this series of double advertisements, which serve both the Dodge car manufacturer as well as the Anchorman 2 sequel, coming to a movie theater near you this Christmas.

This is the initial one-minute spot.

And here are a few others you’ll likely see in the days and weeks to come on your TV, or on your computer/mobile screen right now.

This is Ron Burgundy in a staring contest with one horsepower.

The glovebox is not a gumball machine, but it could be.

Miles per gallon.