We know Bob Odenkirk’s Breaking Bad character, the lawyer Saul Goodman, will receive a happy ending with a new beginning — both seemingly in the future as a (spoiler alert), and in a prequel thanks to the AMC deal for a dramedy, Better Call Saul.

But what about Huell?

Huell, Saul’s bodyguard played by stand-up comedian Lavell Crawford, was last seen alone in a safe house…

We’re not meant to expect any reason to see him again in the Breaking Bad series finale, so Funny or Die has gone ahead and spun off Huell’s character in his very own sitcom! Huell’s Rules has a very TBS Very Funny quality to it (and also more than a passing nod to Tyler Perry’s very special brand of comedy, which started on TBS but since has jumped ship to Oprah’s OWN network). Crawford even gets to play a second character in elderly drag.

Here, then, is Huell’s Rules!