Dave Coulier on bringing “Clean Guys of Comedy” to a movie theater near you

You’ve heard Dave Coulier‘s voice for three decades now in various TV series, and remember him fondly from our TGIF nights with Full House, but this Thursday, he’s beaming himself and a handful of his stand-up comedy friends into a movie theater near you with his latest project:¬†Clean Guys of Comedy.

The showcase airs live Thursday night in cinemas across America via Fathom Events, with stand-up from Coulier, Jamie Kennedy, Ralph Harris, Heather McDonald and Andy Hendrickson. A rebroadcast will hit the big screens the following Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013.

“I never set out to be a clean comedian,” Coulier tells friend of the site Gaby Dunn.

“It just happened by itself. When I first started out in stand up I wanted to get on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. That was the goal and you had to have a spot that was six minutes of national humor you could do on national television, which is clean and so I didn’t want to veer very far from that because I was getting my set together and I didn’t want to work on stuff I’d have to edit out. I’m not a prude. I grew up listening to Richard Pryor and George Carlin. I love those guys. It was just a natural evolution in my career where people started saying ‘Hey you didn’t swear once,’ and I started taking notice of that. That was percolating in my fat skull for many years and I finally took it to my partners and said maybe there’s something here.”

Here’s what else you oughta know about the “Clean Guys” brand, courtesy of Coulier. OK, I’ll see myself out, thanks, bye!

“It’s taken several years to build this brand so we hope Clean Guys will be an identifiable brand for people who want to laugh without the F-bomb after taste.”

“Clean has this tone to it that it’s dumbed down or it’s not hip or it’s not as funny and if you look at the biggest touring comedians today, they’re clean. They’re selling out arenas. Brian Regan. Jim Gaffigan. Comedy has a lot of different flavors for different genres and different audiences. I’m just creating an alternative for people if you want to go out with your boss, your wife, your teenage kid, this is for you.”

Dunn reports that comedians also are invited to join the tour if they want to work on 20 minutes of clean material, as Coulier calls it, an “extended Tonight Show set.” He also said he is capitalizing on the built in audience he has from Full House.

If you’d like to see Coulier talk about this (Clean Guys), that (Full House), and even that other thing (including what he’d do if Taylor Swift wrote a song about him!) with Dunn, here is an edited version of their conversation for you to enjoy. Enjoy it!

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