Are these the “10 People You Meet In Every Improv Class”?

Dan Hopper at CollegeHumor posted an amusing look at some of the clowns you may run into should you take a class in improv comedy.

It’s titled “The 10 People You Meet In Every Improv Class.”

Certainly these aren’t the only 10 people.

Just the worst 10 people. Or are they? How many of them do you identify with, or have you spotted or recognized in a comedy class? What other TYPES OF PEOPLE have you met, studied with and had the great fortune and misfortune of performing with whilst learning the art of improvised comedy?

Hopper’s CollegeHumor list of “The 10 People You Meet In Every Improv Class” — click the link for the full descriptions and depictions thereof.

  1. The Guy Who Keeps Doing A Really Awkward Black Voice
  2. The Guy Who Makes Everything Sexual
  3. The Guy Who Immediately Overshares Personal Stories
  4. The Girl Who Makes Everything Jewish
  6. The Guy Who Keeps Doing Impressions Of Other Comedians
  7. The Girl Who Keeps Loudly Shitting On Other Improv Shows She Saw
  8. The Serious Actor whose agent told him he should take the class and he cries in every scene
  9. The Attractive Girl Who Guys Embarrassingly Try To Impress
  10. The Guy Who Adopts Improv As His Life Philosophy

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