“The rest of it — the actual audition — is a blur. And that’s a good sign. Because the best things in your life, I think, you don’t have a memory of because it goes by so quickly.”

— So says Fred Armisen, about his Saturday Night Live audition, 11 Augusts afterward.

Roll the clip!

Armisen is one of many SNL veterans who share their stories of how they auditioned for the show, and for creator Lorne Michaels, before getting their big breaks.

The full piece by David Itzkoff appears in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.

Some of the stories you’ve likely heard or read before, considering how many SNL people are quoted here. But Itzkoff digs deeper with several of them.┬áHere are links to bonus extended interviews Itzkoff conducted with:

Having read this and heard that, I’m starting to think that maybe there is a science to it, after all.