Here’s one way to know you’re making it.

You’re in a national TV commercial for a big brand, with a big star, but you’re the star of the commercial. Such is the case for stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress, who holds court on the basketball court in this new Nike commercial, handing out nicknames at the pick-up game and introducing everyone anew to NBA star Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As Buress told friends yesterday: “I did my first commercial. It’s a Nike commercial and it’s with Kevin Durant and I’m glad I turned down that J&J fish deal in 2009.”

We’re all glad, Hannibal.

Also, this ad is a minute long! Nice. Take that, 15-second ad spots. We don’t have time for your game.

Roll the clip! It’s Foot Locker approved. KD-VI? Kevin!