Billy Crystal may be a native New Yorker, but his heartstrings forever tug for his hometown of Long Beach, the Long Island town where the 65-year-old grew up.

So when Long Beach needed someone to tell everyone else that the city had reopened for beach business this summer — 10 months after Hurricane Sandy — they turned to Crystal (Long Beach High School Class of 1965). The stand-up comedian, actor and veteran Oscars host shot and recorded voiceover for Visit Long Beach New York‘s tourism campaign. Actually, there are three ads. All use Crystal’s stand-up in front of his fellow locals on the beach, followed by a series of images culminating with him lounging by the Atlantic Ocean.

They were shot a month ago. I finally saw one on TV over the weekend.

You can watch all three now — which set of images sells you on a day or overnight trip to Long Beach, New York?