First rule of Chinatown is there are no rules. It’s Chinatown, Julian!

Wait. Neither of those movie lines came back to haunt me or you when Julian McCullough performed on Wednesday night’s episode of Conan. What we did see and hear is McCullough’s own experience with Chinatown (New York City branch) when he lived in NYC, as well as proper and improper uses of an English degree, and the idea that you can include your emotional state when answering a question on Jeopardy.

Roll the clip.

Interestingly and perhaps not-so-coincidentally, because there are no coincidences — this is Chinatown! — Conan O’Brien also not only had jokes about Jeopardy last night, but also a segment involving that game show’s host, Alex Trebek, getting nutty with it.


In the form of a question, FTW?

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