Five years ago doesn’t sound like that much, until you realize how much has changed since then.

When ReelBlack showed up at Helium Comedy Club in February 2008 to film Patrice O’Neal, Kevin Hart and Keith Robinson backstage after a “Crazy Sexy Comedy” show, Fool’s Gold had opened #1 at the box-office, making it Hart’s go-to credit. You all remember the movie, Fool’s Gold, don’t you?

Hart may have moved to Hollywood, but he still was a Philadelphia comedian, who had much to learn from both Robinson and O’Neal. Hart hadn’t recorded or released any of his big stand-up specials yet, and certainly wasn’t the big star he is today. But he could talk a big game. As he looked into the camera on this night — Feb. 18, 2008 — Hart told viewers: “The thing about me is, I’m a visual comic. Think of me as a young Bill Cosby with an attitude.”

And then think of Patrice, sitting next to, but also behind Kevin in the frame, with that look on his face. And remember that Patrice is no longer with us.

And then watch Kevin take the mic and talk about what Keith means to him and his career, even in 2008. “I owe a lot to Keith,” Kev says. “It’s because of Keith, that I’m where I’m at today.” For one thing: Did you know Hart used to go onstage as “Little Kev The Bastard”???

Little Kev. The Bastard.

How times change.

Roll the clip.