Jimmy Pardo to fill in as “Conan” sidekick while Andy Richter hosts FOX game show pilot

Good news all around for Team Coco this week.

Jimmy Pardo is stepping in as Conan O’Brien’s sidekick tonight and Wednesday night for tapings of Conan on TBS. Whither Andy Richter, you say? You don’t say! No. Don’t say it. Because Richter is busy with his own new TV project — a game-show pilot picked up by FOX.

Richter is hosting Step Up, a game show that asks contestants to step up an actual pyramid of sorts as they answer questions for big cash prizes.

“Jimmy Pardo @NeverNotFunny will be filling in for me for a couple days. Why? Check the trades!” Richter noted today via Twitter @AndyRichter: “BTW, I ain’t going nowhere. I want as many jobs as my greedy ass can handle.”

But if you tune in TBS tonight or tomorrow, be sure you’ll be seeing Pardo’s mug intro the show and sit on the panel with Conan and his guests.

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