You may have noticed a couple of weeks ago, when Zach Sherwin appeared on FX’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, Bell introduced him not as MC Mr. Napkins, but as Sherwin.

That’s how it’s meant to be now.

Sherwin has dropped his comedy moniker for his more common nomenclature.

Why? Do all comedians in the rap or hip-hop game need MC handles? Do any? Sherwin doesn’t feel he needs his anymore, so has declared his independence — on his birthday of July 1, no less. He has shed it aside, and now he can fly away from his comedy cocoon like a butterfly. Or, rather, like a rocket with stage boosters, as Sherwin explains in his video, “Stage Name.”

Meet Zach Sherwin all over again.

And coincidentally, Sherwin also released a new music video having fun moving other words and names around in “SWITCHITUP.” There are no coincidences.