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Marlon Wayans hopes to create with co-founder of Funny or Die

Marlon Wayans is hoping the acronym WTF won’t be so NSFW when he’s done with his new online project, which boasts, “We’re dropping the ‘F’ word.” Called, the site remains a placeholder for now, awaiting enough short videos and/or webseries from Wayans and his funny friends to launch later this year or early in 2014. If any of that or the title evokes the spirit of Funny or Die, that’s intentional. Wayans is building What The Funny with Randy Adams, a co-founder and former director at FoD, who described the new venture to The Hollywood Reporter thusly: “If Funny...

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On “The Daily Show,” John Oliver deconstructs George Zimmerman’s lawyer’s joke to open Trayvon Martin murder trial

Well, I mean. Really, now. You didn’t think the lawyer for George Zimmerman could open his defense arguments in the Trayvon Martin murder trial with a knock-knock joke and get away with it, did you? While plenty of comedians let the lawyer’s joke have it via Twitter and Facebook retorts, let’s see what John Oliver made of Don West and his attempt at humor on last night’s The Daily Show. Sometimes having more than 140 characters is worth it. This time, it’s really worth it. Roll the...

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Taylor Williamson’s audition for “America’s Got Talent.” For more: His CD, “Laughter? I Hardly Know Her!”

Taylor Williamson‘s audition went well last night for America’s Got Talent. I could tell it would from the way producers opened his segment, having him bombard other contestants in waiting with street jokes while you could hear buzzers sounding off against even more contestants. They’re pulling a switcheroo on us! Williamson is going to be just fine in this competition, as he proved quick on his feet with the judges both before and after his initial 90-second set. Even if AGT bills him as “Awkward Comedian” in titling his official audition video. We’ll see more of him on the...

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Bill Hader, John Solomon and Rob Klein comment on cut SNL sketch with Justin Bieber, “Song For Daddy”

Here’s one more treat from the season of Saturday Night Live that just ended, complete with one bonus look from recently departed cast member Bill Hader. Hader weighs in on a sketch, “Song For Daddy,” cut after dress rehearsal from the week that Justin Bieber hosted and performed as musical guest — a weekend that made it tough to judge if any of the sketches were funny since the girls in the audience screamed throughout, regardless of the content. Except for, well, this one particular sketch. Why? What happened? Hader is joined in commentary by SNL writers John Solomon...

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Garfunkel and Oates in “The Loophole”

Garfunkel and Oates (Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci) are making a new pilot for IFC. But that’s not all. They also just released a new music video, directed by Lindhome, for their song, “The Loophole.” It’s based on the concept some Christian girls have about conception and about avoiding said conception and maintaining virginity somehow by letting their boyfriends have anal sex with them, instead. Loopholes! Needless to say, both the content and language in this video is Not Safe For Work, unless you work in the sex business. Roll the...

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