We’re one week away from the 15th annual Del Close Marathon, the weekend celebration of Del Close and improvisational comedy thrown by the Upright Citizens Brigade that welcomes hundreds of groups from around the world to New York City.

2013’s #DCM15 will put on 420 shows on seven stages over 56 straight hours.

But go back to Chicago. Go back 27 years to 1986. There you’ll find this cable access video profile of Close and “the Harold” form of improv, which he describes and then was leading young comedians in at a place called CrossCurrents Cabaret. This finds Close working his craft after his split from Second City but before¬†improvOlympic¬†found its current home. CrossCurrents closed in October 1987.

Kudos to Brian Stack (Conan, Late Night with Conan O’Brien) for shooting and editing this original footage. Stack is one of the now-thousands of comedians who have benefitted from the teachings of Del Close.

The only improviser they mention by name in this video is Joel Murray, younger brother of Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray. Bonus points for recognizing and correctly identifying any of the other comedians in this footage.

Roll the clip!