Comedy Central launches a stand-up app to go mobile with you

Comedy Central has unveiled a new CC: Stand-Up app for iPhones and iPads and iPod Touches.

It’s free for those devices only so far at

A quote from today’s press release: “At its simplest, CC: Stand-Up is a digitally distributed, pure stand-up channel, in which fans can immerse themselves for hours with just one touch,” said Erik Flannigan, EVP Multi-Platform Strategy & Development, Viacom Entertainment Group.  “Layered onto that is an intuitive on-demand and recommendation platform, which makes the discovery of new comedians something fun to explore.  It’s got the whole ‘lean forward, lean back’ thing people always talk about, only for real.”

Here’s Jared Logan with the info-mercial. Roll it!

I downloaded the app and took it for a quick test drive. Videos automatically will load up into a queue and play, but you can jump out of that to search for any comedian they’ve got in their system, or tap on the tree-like icon for a spread of similar videos related by tags or however the programmers felt they’d be aligned closely enough to keep you interested and viewing.

Let’s all check it out and then check back here to let everyone know what we think about this.

Between this and HBO Go, I have you have we have more comedy at our mobile fingertips whenever we want to see it. And that’s a good thing. Right?

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