John Oliver made his first appearance last night on Late Show with David Letterman.

After talking about the differences between comedy in the UK and the USA — audiences are surprisingly worse and prone to heckling at every opportunity across the pond, apparently, if that makes American stand-up comedians feel any better — and about marrying an American (but not to gain his “green card”) and how they met cute during the Republican National Convention whilst Oliver was filming segments for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, this run-on introductory sentence got to the point of this clip featured below:

Oliver was on Letterman’s show because, starting Monday, Oliver will be filling in for Stewart as host of The Daily Show this summer on Comedy Central.

Could Letterman offer Oliver any advice, perchance?

Why, yes. Yes, he could. And after telling him a couple of pointers, he shows him a third. Intentionally or not.

Roll the clip!