On Conan, Myq Kaplan ponders time travel

Myq Kaplan returned to the Conan program on the TBS last night. Kaplan ponders the idea of a Buddhist extremist, as well as zombie Hitler, time travel, the Back to the Future movies, and of course, Bill Murray. If you feel like you’ve seen this clip before, then perhaps you have?

Roll the clip!

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2 thoughts on “On Conan, Myq Kaplan ponders time travel

  1. Funeeee! Myq Kaplan could totally front his own show. Interesting lifestyle choices, being polyamorous, vegan, Jew, divorcee. But I’d be most intrigued by how he would structure it narratively as he’s a great writer. Charlie Kauman-esque. Ooo got excited just thinking about it.

    1. You’re right, a Myq Kaplan tv show would be fantastic! He does host a podcast called Hang Out With Me. It’s hosted by the Keith and The Girl network. It’s everything you would expect from Myq–hilarious, clever, and witty! He has a lot of well-known guests on the show as well, like James Adomian, Christian Finnegan, Dan St. Germain, Nikki Glaser, Sara Schaefer, Mike Lawrence… just to name a few!

      You can listen to the show at: https://katg.com/hang-out-with-me/

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