Comedy Central cancels Ugly Americans

Comedy Central has cancelled Ugly Americans.

If this is news to you, or even more so, if you didn’t realize this was news, there’s a story behind why you’re just now hearing about the end of the animated series after two seasons.

Posted today on the Ugly Americans Facebook page:

Ugly Americans fans,

As you might have gathered by now, Comedy Central did not renew us for a 3rd season. The reason this notice is coming so late is that, in spite of lukewarm ratings, the network did everything in their power to keep the show alive by trying to find outside financing. We came very close but unfortunately some legal technicalities kept any deals from going through.

We are exploring our options, even ones that don’t include traditional TV episodes, such as original web shorts or even a graphic novel. We love this universe and the characters and we want to keep them alive (or undead) for you in any way we can. We the producers would continue to make the show without a paycheck to ourselves, but unfortunately animation and all the aspects of TV production are rather expensive.

We appreciate your steadfast loyalty to our little show. We will continue to update this page with any news we have about Ugly Americans, along with new projects of interest from the writers, producers, animators, and cast.

Yours in Ugliness,
The Producers of Ugly Americans

And confirmed by the series creator on his Tumblr: “Yes. Sadly. It’s official. Ugly Americans is not coming back any time soon. I’m sorry we can’t make more episodes for you guys. I want to thank all the Ugly fans for their support and for all the awesome fan art. Keep it up! Who knows? Maybe we can Kickstart something Ugly in the future. A movie? A graphic novel? The other show producers and I are working hard to find a new home for Mark, Randall, Callie, Twayne, Leonard, and Grimes (and Koala Man of course).” – Devin Clark (Creator of Ugly Americans)

Among the comedians who lent their voices to Ugly Americans: Natasha Leggero, Kurt Metzger, Larry Murphy, Matt Oberg, Randy Pearlstein and Michael-Leon Wooley. Also: Pete Holmes and Julie Klausner.

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28 thoughts on “Comedy Central cancels Ugly Americans

  1. That is suck a bummer. I really liked the characters and stories you guys were making. I would love to have been part of a show like Ugly Americans. Keep those old bones going and find a way to get this great show back on the air some how! Maybe go to the guys on Adult Swim and see if they can let you into the line up. They have some shows that I am really surprised even make it to TV.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my reply and keep up the good art!

    1. Agreed adult swim should replace shit shows like robot chicken, and those other crappy 15 minute shos for the brillance of this show. Then I wouldn’t change the channel when stupid shows come on

  2. Damn it all. Why does such crap on CC get renewed and the good stuff get canceled. How can Brickleberry have a place and not this. Insanity.

  3. Kickstarter that shih, holmes. Erry1 knows who u r cuzzaduh tv, u’d make a shih ton.

      1. Retarded people shouldn’t be allowed to post on the internet.

  4. I really hate it when networks show great series and then cancel it just after we get hooked. What is wrong with comedy central? Now I’m finding out that they are getting rid of Futurama, hasn’t anyone learned from the Fox Network? Stop cancelling these wonderful series or I’m just going to have to boycott the whole Comedy Central Network all together. They need to get their s**t together.

  5. Bullshit! This show is grade-a quality, of the highest. For Comedy Central not being able to renew it for such reasons is a crock of shit. This show could- WOULD have became oh so popular just on the quality of animation alone. You know, there comes these times in television history where gems are discarded to do nothing but collect fan dust. This network will run itself into the ground if it continues to lose such programming.

    Alas in the heated tension of my statement – I realize something. This show can be brought back to life by the single most perfect network around for such programming, Adult Swim. They need new spice for their line up and this, of many other things, will help bring back a little something something to the once golden [AS]


  6. bring it back lets start a patishon cant spell lol i know a bunch of ppl that didnt even know about this show and love it now and also it was durring the time when econamy was bad i no others as well as my self couldnt aford cable so that could b one reson the rateing were piss poor if we all try we can bring back

  7. Yes Netflix, you may be our only hope. It they can resurrect Trailer Park Boys (what in the f*ck!) then they should surely bring Ugly Americans back to us.

  8. i like how this show was canceled two years ago and you still have people who just found out

  9. Agreed this totally “SUCKS MY BALLS” This was a GREAT show. You guys need to bring this show back. I kept waiting for it and I’m now just googling to find out why it wasn’t on again! This blows. Colbert is stupid and some of the other crap you guys put on their. Neighbors from Hell was funny too. People like shit for TV these days.

  10. Please, do your best to get this show into the production line again. I’ve started watching it just since this summer’s beginning and I guarantee that there still are fans who hope for a miracle.Thx

  11. Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back !

    And in the man birds famous words….. “SUCK MY BALLS” ! Translation ….BRING IT BACK!

    1. Still not back wish there was a petition page to bring it back I’m sure Comedy Central would be surprised at how angry the loyal fans are!

  12. Heart was broken 5 years ago when I first realized I wouldn’t see anymore episodes after season 2. Rewatching it now 2 children later and still feel that emptiness in my heart I felt before. Truly sad this only lived as long as it did. It is a very special show to me and I’ll find myself rewatching it again someday to feel the same disappointment, great job devs for the hard work – maybe in another dimension this show got what it deserved. Should have 20+ seasons like South Park

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