Maria Bamford is about to rejoin us online this summer in a great new webseries, in which you ask the questions, and “her mom” answers them.

It’s “Ask My Mom,” debuting May 30, 2013, on My Damn Channel.

I’ll cede the floor to the Bammer to explain more…

Hi, I’m Maria Bamford! My Mom is Marilyn Bamford, a 70-year-old retired family therapist and a Netflix connoisseur. She has years of wisdom to tackle any query, question or fact of life. But, she’s also one of the busiest senior citizens on the planet! We can only get her to answer questions while she’s getting something done, but it’s priceless hard-hitting advice – whether she’s microwaving baked potatoes, doing yard work or jumping on a mini-trampoline.

Together, we toggle my thinly veiled personal questions along with your posts, tweets, and emails – with heartfelt, absurd, and liberal Christian advice from my Mom.

Wanna ask my mom something? Click here to ask her!

Here’s a teaser. Roll it!