Ricky Gervais is featured in this month’s “Comedy Issue” of GQ magazine. No, Gervais isn’t on the cover. He’s not some big-time comedian like JAMES FRANCO is — that screams comedy, doesn’t it?


This anywho named Gervais does an interview with GQ, neatly and not-so-coincidentally timed to the end of the U.S. television adaptation of the series that first made Gervais himself famous, and then later quite richer and more famous, The Office.

Plus, here’s a video wherein Gervais talks about his favorite cuss words and dirty jokes. Do you think one of them is bloody? It bloody well be! Some words are dirty in America and not dirty at all in Britain. Go figure. If you want to hear Gervais say one of those words over and over, this will fulfill that lifelong dream of yours. You stupid c—. I censored myself. This clip won’t. Roll the clip. No, the word’s not clip.