Kyle Kinane’s Going Nowhere: The Comedy Central TV pilot presentation

“I made this pilot for a travel show last summer. It was rejected, but you can watch it here.” — Kyle Kinane

Toy Plane uploaded the video seven months ago, but it only started racking up views over the weekend. Thanks, in part, to my friends at Connected Comedy. The 20-minute (19:27) pilot presentation for Comedy Central opens with Kinane in a sex-toy shop dressed up in latex? Bring out the Kinane! At least he’s still the voice of Comedy Central, if not the gimp of it. Perhaps the better for it.

As Kinane says in the intro, he travels the country telling his “dingaling stories” to comedy audiences wherever he may find them. “Along the way I met some amazing people: Outliers, dreamers, free thinkers, free spirits, meatballs, wingnuts. I discovered that the one thing we all have in common is: We’re going nowhere.” The pilot presentation takes him to San Francisco. After shopping for sex toys and clothing, Kinane meets a dominatrix, a bigfoot hunter, and a wizard. Two wizards.

From the description by Toy Plane: “In hindsight, perhaps calling a travel show ‘Going Nowhere’ isn’t the best idea when it has to screened by a focus group. Either way, Kyle is hilarious and this was one of my favorite pilots…”

Ladies and gentlemen, Kyle Kinane’s Going Nowhere.

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