Kids React to Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” duet/tango

The way media outlets and comedy nerds make such a big deal about who’s hosting late-night TV talk shows, you’d sometimes like to be reminded that most everyone else doesn’t think much about it.

But what about the kids, you ask?

It’s past their bedtimes, so late-night TV shouldn’t even be on their radar — except late-night TV in 2013 isn’t even watched late at night as much as it is the following day or days on YouTube, Hulu and elsewhere. So maybe the kids do know who Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon are, after all?

The Fine Brothers (Benny and Rafi Fine) already have struck YouTube gold with their “Kids React” series. The Fine Brothers have 3.7 million YouTube subscribers and counting — numbers to make even Fallon and Leno jealous. And it turns out that watching Fallon and Leno sing a duet about hosting The Tonight Show baffles kids as much as you might expect. Even more so considering most of these kids have never even been exposed to “West Side Story,” either.

“Why are they dancing while they’re talking on the phone?” Eggsactly.

The Fines help explain late-night TV and all of the melodrama to the kids. What do the kids make of all of this? After all, the children are our future…

Roll the clip!

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