Myq Kaplan on Ferguson: Jazzy references and jokes from the audience

Myq Kaplan returned for another performance last night on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It was Kaplan’s second appearance on the show this month, taped earlier in April when he originally was scheduled to tell jokes but bumped from that night’s telecast due to time constraints. Ferguson’s, not Kaplan’s.

At any rate.

For this set, Kaplan is willing to test the patience and wisdom of the viewing audience (and the studio audience, too) by not pushing for laughs in the first minute. Jazzy! Actually, Kaplan has more than a few things to say about jazz music and its rules of logic, as well as the logic of guessing what an audience member is going to tell you after a show when he or she has jokes of his or her own to share with you. Book smarts plus street smarts equals street jokes? Is this comedy? That’s a silly question. As Kaplan himself will explain.

Note: This video is the full episode (sans commercials). Kaplan’s set and introduction thereof begins at 32:55. Roll it!

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