UPDATE: The writers for E!’s Fashion Police with Joan Rivers have sent another missive to the cable network. Writers went on strike last week, seeking fair pay from E! under a contract with the Writers Guild of America. Apparently, the network wants the writers to hold an election first to see if a majority want to unionize. This despite the fact that the writers already have the WGA’s support in striking.

So. Here is the official response from the striking writers to E!:

The only possible purpose of holding an election would be to determine if a majority of Fashion Police writers wish to be represented by the Writers Guild of America in this matter. That determination has already been made. A majority of Fashion Police writers have contacted the company numerous times to indicate that they want to be represented by the Guild. A majority of Fashion Police writers have signed union cards indicating the same thing. And last week a majority of Fashion Police writers indicated their support by walking off the job in a collective action designed to force the Company to offer us, without further delay, a Guild contract. We are not interested in fighting over yet another means of demonstrating that we represent a majority of the Fashion Police writing staff. We are only interested in getting a union contract that would put a stop to our years of under-paid work and unpaid overtime and provide us with health care for our families. For the benefit of all concerned we urge you to stop dragging this out and contact our representatives at the WGA now to move this process forward.


Jackie Beat
Bryan Cook
Dennis Hensley
Todd Masterson
Rob Nolan
Michael Prescott
Ned Rice
Eliza Skinner