Kate McKinnon dances for Ellen DeGeneres as Ellen on “Ellen”

Kate McKinnon has many stand-out impersonations she has showcased already on Saturday Night Live, but the one with the biggest profile (especially in comedy) is comedian and talk-show queen Ellen DeGeneres.

On today’s episode of Ellen (The Ellen DeGeneres Show), DeGeneres finally welcomed McKinnon to her show. Of course, she also gave McKinnon an updated “Ellen” outfit to put on, so she could do the rest of the interview with Ellen as Ellen and naturally dance and dance some more.

McKinnon told DeGeneres:

“I’ve just loved you my whole life, truly.”

“My mother has come up with schemes to try to meet you.” McKinnon then impersonated her mother suggesting young Kate paint Ellen’s portrait, and then she’d just have to be a guest on the show. Didn’t happen quite like that. And get this, it’s also McKinnon’s first TV talk show appearance. That’s not what makes this a big deal to her, however. “It’s like I’ve met Jesus,” McKinnon said of sitting with DeGeneres. “If you believe in that sort of thing, I’ve arrived at the gates.”

DeGeneres replied: “I hope I don’t disappoint you. That’s a lot of pressure on me.”

DeGeneres was awestruck by her impersonating doppelganger in front of her, even going so far as to alter her own speech patterns and movements to mimic her mimic. It’s almost like the time Dana Carvey crafted such an impersonation of then-President George H.W. Bush in the late 1980s and early 1990s, that our own president started talking and sounding more like Carvey’s impersonation than he did before. Will Ellen become more like Kate’s Ellen? We can only hope. Or other have other emotions. It’s really up to you.

In the meantime, roll the clip!


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