12 Spoiler Alerts revealed in the official trailer to The Hangover Part III

The official trailer for the third (and final) installment in The Hangover movie trilogy came out over the weekend. Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms are back again, obviously, for another round.

We know that The Hangover Part III is going back to Vegas, too, but that it won’t be a virtual copycat of the first two plots. Right? Well…

Better to focus on what we figure we do know, based on the official movie trailer. Roll the clip!

1) There is a funeral. Alan (Zach Galifianakis) sings at the funeral. It’s not a funeral for Phil (Bradley Cooper) or Stu (Ed Helms).

2) The trio returns to Las Vegas, despite Stu vowing he’d never do just that.

3) Stu got that Mike Tyson face tattoo removed. Phew, you guys! Phew.

4) John Goodman shows up, has a gun, shoots a guy into a pool. But not one of those three guys. Triple phew.

5) Melissa McCarthy sucks on Alan’s lollipop.

6) Guys in pig masks chase Alan through the desert.

7) Prison riot.

8) Ken Jeong is back as Leslie Chow. And this time, he’s singing country and western tunes?

9) Looks like ’twas Alan’s dad, Sid (Jeffrey Tambor), who had the funeral.

10) Heather Graham’s stripper character, Jade, is back, too, since they’re back in Vegas.

11) Alan tows a giraffe while driving a Mercedes convertible down a toll road.

12) That doesn’t go well.

The Hangover Part III opens Memorial Day weekend. Directed by Todd Phillips, written by Phillips and Craig Mazin.

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